Sunday, September 2, 2012

tvN's Kpop Star Hunt 2012/Alton's last event before enlistment

 So today was Alton's last event before enlisting into the army and i know most of you who might know me as a hardcore fan of Alton's/Almigh-T might expect me to be pretty upset over it. Well honestly speaking, i didn't feel sad nor did i feel happy about it. Firstly, it was because Ryan's just left Singapore yesterday and it's pretty normal for a typical fan/Higaholic like me to get withdrawal symptoms, hence, the lost in mood/excitement for Alton's event. Okay i couldn't come up with another reason HAHAHA.

 I had no idea what happened to my polaroid though. /: Plus my face was pretty cui too lol.


Yeah so after the performance ended, cj crew hanged around the area for quite some time and instead of hanging around w them like how the other fans did, Jingyan & the rest went home and Jane & I went to have lunch at Swensen's HAHAHA. I really didn't have the mood to spazz over Alton today, really. :( And after lunch they were still there so we were admiring their perfection from the 3rd level and after they left Jane & I decided to catch Edwin & Ian's new movie 我们都不完美/IMPERFECT. & since it was an NC16 movie, we had to figure a way to get Jane into that movie since she was kinda underaged. So i suggested that she buy a ticket of any random movie that starts at around the same time as imperfect. So, after we both handed our tickets to the person and got them torn, Jane somehow just quickly run into the cinema which was screening imperfect hoping she wouldn't get caught(and she didn't). Yeah so overall it was a great movie w tons of violence and emotional scenes as well. I'll give it a 4/5 :D

Hopefully Alton will do well in army & not suffer so much (?) & all Almigh-Ts will be waiting for you to complete your NS! 两年算什么, 我们等你!! ^^

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ryan Higa in Singapore!

So, it's the day i've been waiting for my entire life. I couldn't believe RYAN FREAKING HIGA, one of the biggest youtubers ever, is finally coming to Singapore. So i was being told that Ryan will be going to 98.7FM for a radio interview and i skipped school that day (it was teachers' day celeb so it wasnt that important) and met up with a few friends, Brandon Mag & Jon, at scape to catch a glimpse of Ryan.

Here are some of the pictures:

It was pretty chaotic because everyone was mobbing him after he got out of the studio and therefore i couldnt get a selfie with him, darn.

Today was the main event. According to the details provided by the event management company (?) , only the first 150 people in the queue will have the priority to purchase meet & greet tickets which gives us the chance to take a picture with Ryan. So being the 'kiasu' Singaporeans we are, MH & I took the earliest bus to vivo and we cabbed down to sentosa because it was too early and there weren't any shuttle buses yet.

We managed to find our way to wavehouse and i expected to see people queueing there but to my surprise, we were the first ones lol. We reached the event venue as early as 630am so we decided to form the queue first. The rest of our friends came to join us later. All of us have actually known each other through twitter for a short period of time but this is the very first time we've met in real life. Even though we were queueing under a sheltered area (cuz we were the first ones in the queue), it was still pretty humid and god i almost died. Brought my history notes along because initially i was intending to study but i couldn't focus under such weather so i used it to fan myself and the others. We took turns to go for lunch as the event only starts at 530 (I cant remember). Things were pretty awkward but it got better after the event cuz we were all fangirling over Ryan and yeap that helped break the ice a little i guess haha. 

Sheamus, Mark, Kaini, Eunice, Brandon, MH, Me (Photographer: Linda)

Amanda, Me, Mag, Kaini, Deborah, Phyllis, Brandon, Linda, Eunice, Sheamus, Mark, MH x

A few pictures from the M&G:

After the approximately an hour and a half of M&G, there was a Q&A session were the host would pick out questions from twitter and direct them to Ryan.

Afterwards, Ryan did a little 'performance' for us. Well. not really. He just needed some footage for his new music video, Clenching my booty, which is a parody of As Long As You Love Me. I couldn't figure out the lyrics cuz everyone was screaming and the music played could barely be heard so oh wells, i guess i'll just have to wait for the video to be uploaded.

And.... TADA! The polaroid i took with Ryan during the M&G. I got pretty nervous when it was my turn so i didn't have the guts to say anything to him. But having to see him in real life was amazing, it was like youtube in real life. *_*
This is the first youtube event i've attended so far and it has been really memorable. Friends were made, memories were created and so on. Looking forward to attending future events like this!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

CJ Concert 2012! ♥

Yes, the day everyone has been waiting for is here. CJ CONCERT 2012 WOOHOO!~ 

Had a great time w theclique! <3 Hehehe really enjoyed the items put up by CJ crew & students! Didn't take many pictures cuz we were busy spazzing! My fave item was To You by OvD HAHAHA I ALMOST DIED WATCHING THEM *.* Gonna miss Alton when he enlistssssss :'(